Consultants Premiere is a network of professional consultants that specialize in “operationalization” of manufacturing and distribution processes.  Operationalization encompasses the development and deployment of a strategic plan which focuses on the sustainable development of your company’s operations in order to match the growth potential of the business.

Business Challenges

Running a business is coupled with many challenges. A growing business is frequently faced, for example, with decreasing control over the following activities:

-       Costing

-       Productivity

-       Regulatory/Compliance

-       Inventory

-       Distribution

Consultants Première has developed the tools necessary to meet the various challenges faced by our clients.

Our Strategy

Our strategy to solve the problems faced by companies begins with taking a real time image of the organization and performing a diagnostic in order to establish a strategic action plan.  Then we support you with the operationalization of the established recommendations to regain financial performance and operational efficiency.  Our innovative approach, experience and extensive network permit us to adapt our strategy to the specific needs of each individual client.